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Parade Guidelines (PDF)

Parade participants can visit this page to learn more about participating in the parade.

Parade guidelines

We will have 136 entries in this year’s Homecoming Parade due to space limitations. A late fee of $55 is applied if the application is submitted after the deadline. The following rules and guidelines are to be met by all entrants in the 2022 Homecoming Parade. Any violation of these guidelines will result in forfeiture of participation in the parade. Entry fees will not be refunded for any reason including severe weather. Please retain these instructions and bring them to your assigned mandatory parade meeting (details listed in Guideline #2 below).

Questions may be directed to the Homecoming Parade Directors at:

Additional security has been hired to staff the parade route. There will be barriers roping off the route for the safety of both participants and spectators. Do not cross these barriers.

General parade guidelines

  1. An entry fee is required for every entry and must accompany the application. Each entry must follow the vehicle/float dimensions: 12 foot height, 60 foot length, 100 inch width (including rails), and a 1 foot street clearance. Entries that take the space of two entries (ex. having multiple vehicles or a large group of people) will need to submit a second application with full payment for the space it is taking.

    There are four entry classes, and they are defined as follows:

    • Class 1 - Traditional float entries: All participants must provide their own pulling mechanism and transportation, if applicable. The pulling mechanism must consist of a maximum of one motorized vehicle. A maximum of 30 people may be present on or around the float entry.
    • Class 2 - Walking and non-motorized entries: These entries may consist of a maximum of 60 people on foot, person-powered, or animal powered vehicles (ex. bicycles, big wheels, or horse & carriage).
    • Class 3 - Motorized vehicles without floats (ex. cars or tractors): The number of vehicles included in this entry space will be dependent on the size of the vehicles. In such entries, there must be an interval between vehicles that is equal to the vehicle length. For example, a vehicle 6 feet in length must have a gap of 6 feet between that and other vehicles in the entry. If the vehicles are of varying sizes, the space between vehicles must be equivalent to the length of the large vehicle in the entry.
    • Class 4 - Novelty unity entries (ex. military equipment, fire equipment, antique vehicles) - those that do not fit into any of the above three categories. These entries will be considered unique and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Homecoming Council. All decisions made by the Homecoming Council are final.
  2. A mandatory meeting will be held for all entries. A representative from your entry is required to attend. Failure to do so will result in loss of entry fee and disqualification from the parade. The position of each entry will be announced at this time and this list will be reviewed. It is very important that one member of your organization attend this meeting! There are two meeting options:

    • Sunday, October 23rd at 6:30 PM in the Pomerantz Center, room C131
    • Monday, October 24th at 7:30 PM in the Iowa Theater (IMU)
  3. All accepted entries must submit a form that acknowledges their acceptance of these parade guidelines in order to participate. For the 2022 Homecoming Parade, this form must be submitted by Monday, October 17th at 5:00 PM.

    Note: This form will be sent out at a later date.

  4. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on or near the entries prior to or during the parade. If alcoholic beverages and or illegal substances or their containers are found, or the person operating any type of vehicle is suspected of having consumed alcohol, the entry will be pulled from the parade. Police assistant will be used if necessary.

  5. Entries may not display advertisements for alcohol or tobacco (ex.banners, logos, etc.) on their float.

  6. No items may be thrown from the entries at anytime.

    However, items may be handed out, under the following circumstances: A minimum of two persons must be on each side of the entry, but on the outermost edges of the street at all times, to pass out items to spectators. Entries violating this policy will be removed from the parade and entry will not be refunded. This will be enforced by Parade Security and the Iowa City Police Department. Designate a person in your party to replenish any distributed items to the persons alongside the crowd.

  7. All entries with motorized vehicles must carry a minimum 2A10B, 5lb fire extinguisher. It must be shown upon request to parade personnel prior to and or during the parade in addition entries must yield the right of way to all.

  8. All entries that include children ages 12 and under will be required to have a ratio of one adult for every 10 children.

  9. Proceed to your assigned location in the parade staging area no later than 3:00 PM so that the lineup can be positioned properly. The parade will begin at exactly 5:45 PM, and the flow of entries will proceed according to the parade route and staging area maps.

    Note: Times may change, pending Iowa City approval.

  10. Do not bring extraneous vehicles into the staging area. Additional vehicles will delay the start of the parade and will be towed at the owner’s expense. If someone in your party is differently abled and/or needs special transportation around the staging area, please email the Parade Directors at:

  11. At the end of the parade route, please be considerate of those behind you and clear the area quickly. Explicitly follow the direction of parade personnel.

  12. Under no circumstances will a group be allowed to stop during the parade. Specifically, marching bands should not stop to perform. The parade will move at a constant flow and will only stop in the event that the preceding entry stops. If any entry cannot proceed at any point during the parade, please exit the parade route at the nearest possible exit or move to the side of the road immediately and informed the next entry to continue around you.

  13. Any participants who wish to have animals in their entry must indicate so on the attached application. Entrants are responsible for the cleaning and disposal of any waste produced by animals they bring to the parade. Though animals may be present, they may not leave the transportation vehicle.

  14. If, for any reason, the parade needs to be called off (ex. extreme weather or otherwise), the Homecoming Advisor and Parade Directors will make that decision.

Failure to abide by the above policies will result in dismissal from the 2022 Homecoming Parade without refund.

Additional information

  • Applications will not be processed without payment in full by the application deadline.
  • Class 1 entries will be given $20 off the application fee.
  • We strongly recommend Class 1 entries, as they will take priority over all other types. If the parade exceeds capacity, Class 1 entries will be given spots over walking or non-motorized entries, no matter their order in the application line.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Go Hawks!

Matt McDonnell (he/him)
Vera Barkosky (she/her)
Parade Directors