Volunteer Leaders



Homecoming Council Volunteer Leaders will be responsible for leading & managing groups consisting between 15-20 volunteers at the Homecoming Parade (Oct. 18th) during the 2019 Homecoming Week (Oct. 14th-Oct. 19th). They will guide volunteers to ensure the smooth progression of the parade and assist the Homecoming Council in executing Homecoming Week events. 

Before the parade & in the volunteer meeting, Volunteer Leaders will be given safety vests, trash bags, and lanyards to be handed out to their volunteer group. They will then instruct volunteers on their roles. 

After the parade & the clean up, the Volunteer Leaders would make sure that all their volunteers who are involved in sweepstakes check out to earn their points. 

Volunteer Leaders will also assist with tabling and outreach throughout September which will allow Council to reach a wider market for Homecoming week. 

Volunteer Leaders will serve as the Volunteer Director’s Team on the Homecoming Council, administered by the Volunteer Director and be assisted by the Sustainability Director & guided by the Parade Directors.

All currently enrolled University of Iowa Students are welcome to apply.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email please email Volunteer Director Courtney Nelson (courtney-nelson@uiowa.edu) or Asst. Volunteer Director Ashlei Cashen (ashlei-cashen@uiowa.edu) 


Commitment Duration: September 6th-October 19th, 2019. 

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Volunteer Leader Timeline:

August 12th: Application goes live 
September 2nd: Application Closes 
September 3rd: Send out emails with  time, date, and location of interviews. 
September 5th-7th: Interviews 
September 7th: Email acceptance and decline notifications 
September 10th: First Meeting 
September 17th: Second Meeting 
September 24th: Third Meeting 
October 8th: Last Meeting 

September: Tabling and Outreach around Campus
October 15th: Volunteer Meeting/ Meet volunteer group 
October 14th-October 19th: Volunteer at Homecoming week events
October 19th: Parade Day