Homecoming Council

The Homecoming Council is made up of eighteen members who work year-round to prepare for a great homecoming week each year.  Each member has his or her own responsibilities to make this tradition such a success.

  • Alex Westlund

    Alex Westlund

    Executive Director

    Hi! My name is Alex Westlund and I am the Executive Director of the 2015 Homecoming Executive Council! I am a senior studying Business Management from Cedar Rapids, IA. I have previously served as Homecoming Council's Volunteer Director and am so excited to come again this year!

    I was first introduced to Homecoming at Iowa as an infant, falling asleep at the football game. Ever since then, I have been a diehard Hawkeye fan and knew that I wanted to be involved with Hawkeye spirit in a big way. I applied to the 2014 council and had the time of my life planning one of the University's biggest events of the year. My favorite thing about Homecoming at Iowa is the overall spirit and pride that brings alumni and students together as one. I am so excited to be serving as Executive Director this year and hope that Homecoming can be one of the best yet! As always, Go Hawks!


  • Bradley Martin

    Bradley Martin

    Director of Marketing

    Oh hey there, funny I see you here browsing my profile. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Bradley Martin and I am the Director of Marketing for Homecoming 2015. I am a junior studying Marketing here at the good ol' UI and I am so excited to be a part of this organization. Maybe you are asking yourself, "yo, where is this kid from?" well I am from Deerfield IL, it's a decent sized suburb outside of Chi-town. North shore, you know. Okay so moving on, if I look familiar it's because I was the Parade Director last year. Funny, right? I think I had my fun and now its time to make Homecoming the best marketed organization out there. If you don't follow us you are missing out. Hit us up on Insta, the Twitter and the 'book. Well I guess it's time to say our goodbyes, I hope we get to meet soon whoever you are. On three... 3... GO HAWKS.  

  • Lyric Harris

    Lyric Harris

    Sales and Merchandising Director

    Hello all! I’m Lyric Harris, a sophomore from Galesburg, Illinois. I’m hoping to become an Event Coordinator, so as I begin my college experience, I am exploring the world of business.

    I am eager to take on the position of Sales and Merchandising Director for this year's Homecoming!  Although I was born in Illinois, I was raised a Hawkeye! What better way to be at the heart of the Hawkeye nation than to be apart of homecoming? I saw this as an opportunity to not only continue on my path to event coordinating, but to also be involved in this incredible experience and meet some amazing people along the way.

    I have every intention of helping to make Homecoming 2015 the best one yet! Go Hawks!

  • Robert Hart

    Robert Hart

    Parade Director

    Hi everyone! My name is Robert Hart, and I am the Parade Director for Homecoming 2015. I am a senior at the University of Iowa, studying Biology. I grew up in Waterloo and have lived in the state of Iowa for nearly all of my life. My parents are alumni of the University, so I have been a proud member of the Hawkeye community since birth.

    Homecoming at the University is like nothing else. As a student, I remember talking to my aunt and uncle about their time here and all of the fond memories they share regarding the University of Iowa. Just as it is to many others, Iowa is home to me. I can't wait to showcase our University this Fall, reminding former Hawkeyes of how great the University and Iowa City are, helping Iowa feel like home for current Hawkeyes, and showing future Hawkeyes what it means to be a Hawkeye. On Iowa!


  • Harmony Pace

    Harmony Pace

    Assistant Parade Director

    Hi! My name is Harmony Pace and I am a junior here at U of I. I am majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in French. I am a member of Campus Activities Board on the Night Hawks Committee! I am so excited to be a part of Homecoming Council for the second year in a row! Last year I was Director of Greek Sweepstakes which was such a blast, but I am so excited to help plan our largest Homecoming event this year, the parade! I can't wait to see all your smiling faces in, and on the sidelines, of this year's parade. GO HAWKS!

  • Kiwi Wang

    Kiwi Wang

    Student Organization Sweepstakes Director

    What up peeps! My name is Kiwi Wang and I am a second year graduate student in the Master of Accountancy program. I’m from a small town called Tieling in Northeastern China. When I was still an undergrad, I was always among the audience watching the Homecoming parade every single year and I am so excited to be on board and take up the position of this year’s Student Organization Sweepstakes Director! Iowa is my hometown in the United States and I’m a proud member in the big Hawkeye family. I hope all Hawkeyes could join us at this annual celebration so we are all here together to share the Hawkeye pride! I’m dedicated to involving myself as much as possible in all upcoming Hawkeye events and will try my best to facilitate all the events in a responsible way.  Homecoming 2015 is going to be amazing and as always, GO HAWKS!!!

  • Chris Bush

    Chris Bush

    Sporting Events Director

    Well, obvious you know my name and position already, which just so happens to be, Chris Bush and Sporting Events Director as they have posted that right above this bio. Moving on! I am from Davenport, Iowa also known to be part of the Quad Cities even though it’s made up of five cities. I am a sophomore here and am studying Business Administration until I decide to change my major ten more times like everyone else. I joined this team as a way to give back to the Hawkeye Community, both the past and present. Looking forward to being part of the best ever homecoming in 2015! Only because everyone else added it to their bio, Go Hawks!

  • Kyeongjoon Won

    Kyeongjoon Won

    Assistant Sporting Events Director

    Hello! My name is Kyeongjoon Won and I am the Assistant Sports Events Director of the 2015 Homecoming Council! I am a senior studying Finance here at the University of Iowa and I am so excited to be a part of the Homecoming Council. I decided to join the Homecoming Council because I really enjoyed Homecoming events on the campus last year and I saw it would be a great chance for me to actually get involved in the events and entertain people. I am also excited and proud to be part of the Homecoming Council as an international student to add greater diversity and value to the 2015 Homecoming. I hope this year's Homecoming becomes successful. Go Hawks!

  • Emily Merdinger

    Emily Merdinger

    Volunteer Director

    Hey there. My name is Emily and I am the Volunteer Director for Homecoming.  I am a junior at the university and I have lived in Iowa City for the past 16 years, attending Iowa City West High School. I plan to major in Finance and Economics and earn the International Business Certificate.  My dream career would be working on corporate mergers and acquisitions.  I am is also involved in Hillcrest Association and Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.  I joined Homecoming because while growing up, my favorite football game to attend would be the Homecoming game.  I enjoyed seeing the community come together to support the university’s alumni and wanted to help encourage involvement in this year’s activities.  I am looking forward to helping organize the volunteers to make Homecoming 2015 events successful.  I am excited to work with students, staff, community members, and other Homecoming members to help make Homecoming 2015 the most successful it can be!

  • Kelsie Smock

    Kelsie Smock

    Community Events & Outreach Director

    Hey everyone! My name is Kelsie Smock and I am your Community Events and Outreach Director!  I love all things Hawkeyes and love being involved with the University of Iowa campus and community!

    I was born and raised in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and am currently a junior studying Marketing and Economics in the Tippie College of Business. I can still remember the first time that I stepped onto the University of Iowa campus, as I looked up to see Pentacrest and the Old Capitol standing tall in the heart of downtown I knew that I had found my home. The University of Iowa has become my lifestyle and my passion. I stay very involved with student organizations on campus, and am proud to serve as a student leader for such an incredible University and energetic student body. I am thrilled to be a part of planning this year’s event, and cannot wait to celebrate the best Homecoming yet with my Hawkeye family.


  • Rachel Johnson

    Rachel Johnson

    Spirit Director

    Hi! My name is Rachel Johnson and I am the Spirit Director for Homecoming 2015! I am a senior, currently pursuing a double major in Journalism and Mass Communication as well as English. As an “Out of State-r” from Lakeville, Minnesota, I have happily left any Minnesota Gopher affiliation behind and am proud to bleed black and gold.

    My serious love for the Hawkeyes, Iowa Homecoming and getting creative all have me ecstatic to take on this new position – I cannot wait to cover our campus in as much Hawkeye spirit as possible! Being involved in the production of my final Homecoming as a UI student, while getting to hang out with a great council, will be an unforgettable highlight of my college experience. I have an undying amount of Iowa pride to share with you all (if you couldn’t already tell), and you can bet I’ll use every ounce to make Homecoming 2015 all that it can be and more. On Iowa, and of course, Go Hawks!


  • Megan Major

    Megan Major

    Community Service Director

    My name is Megan Major; I am the Community Service Director for 2015. I am from Marshalltown, Iowa and I am studying Business and Health and Human Physiology.  This is my first year on the Homecoming Council and I am super excited to help make it a good one. I really enjoyed being a part of the Homecoming events last year and thought why not give it a whirl at helping to plan and create these cool times? I am glad that I will get to be a bigger part of Iowa Homecoming this year, and help the awesome people involved.​

  • Tim Burton

    Tim Burton

    Alumni Events Director

    Timothy Burton, here. Friends call me Tim and enemies call me Timothy, by introducing myself as Timothy, have I confused you? Good. I am a director for Warner Bros. Studios, many of you might think; however, I have the honor of being this year’s Alumni Events Director. A little bit about myself: I have no affiliation with the director Tim Burton, besides sharing the same sexy name. I have no affiliation with the Burton snowboarding company, except hailing from the snowy tundra of Minnesota from which I see snowboards. I enjoy sports, mainly basketball and baseball. If I cannot win at it, I say I do not enjoy playing it. If you see me at all on campus feel free to shout literally anything at me, as I will know from your scream that you read my bio and spent time reading more than a paragraph…It’s chill though, your secret is safe with me.

  • Maja Sunleaf

    Maja Sunleaf

    Residence Hall Sweepstakes Director

    Oh hi there! My name is Maja Stina Sunleaf.  Originally from East Lansing, Michigan, I currently live in good old Dubuque, Iowa. I’m a junior studying Anthropology, Spanish, Ancient Civilizations, and Museum Studies. Wowza, that’s a mouthful! I believe the word you’re looking for is “anyway…” I’m super duper excited to be serving as the Residence Hall Sweepstakes Director for the 2015 Homecoming Council!

    My first home was up around the river bend in a residence hall apartment at Michigan State University.  Despite my Spartan upbringing, I decided to continue the Hawkeye legacy by becoming the 5th generation of my family to attend the University of Iowa. At Iowa, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a Resident Assistant in Parklawn and Hillcrest Residence Halls, and am excited to move to the other side of the river next year to Burge. I’ve got a lifetime of knowledge when it comes to living and programming in the Res Halls, so I’m ready to get down to business to get residents involved in the fantastic tradition that is Iowa Homecoming.  I’ve had the time of my life celebrating the University’s Homecoming with my family, and can’t wait to spread this excitement through events the Res Halls get to participate in! Well, allons-y to Homecoming Week 2015, On Iowa, and GO HAWKS!


  • Betsy Povolny

    Betsy Povolny

    FSL Sweepstakes Director

    Hello! My name is Betsy and I am a Senior here at the University of Iowa! I will be your Fraternity and Sorority Life Sweepstakes Director for Homecoming 2015! I am one of the three Homecoming Council members from Lakeville, MN (which is pretty amazing since our hometown’s presence on Iowa’s campus is very small!!) I am an Enterprise Leadership major and will be applying to Graduate schools in December for Higher Education and Student Affairs. I hope to one day be able to work with Fraternity and Sorority Life at a University. I am a member of Zeta Tau Alpha here at Iowa and Order of Omega- Honors Fraternity for FSL members. I also held the position of a Rho Gamma for Fall Formal Recruitment 2014. As you can tell, I LOVE Fraternity and Sorority life!! Along with my love of all things FSL, I LOVE the Hawkeyes! Since the day I first stepped foot on this campus I have been a die hard Hawkeye fan. I am so excited to be able to bring these two together to make Homecoming at the University of Iowa an awesome experience for the FSL community, the Hawkeye community, and the Iowa City community. On Iowa, Go Hawks!!

  • Kenzie DiBlasi

    Kenzie DiBlasi

    Iowa Shout Director

    My name is Mackenzie DiBlasi, I’m a junior at The University of Iowa studying Journalism and Mass Communication with emphasis in PR and Marketing. I also am pursuing a certificate in Leadership studies. In the past I served as the Executive Marketing Director for the Campus Activities Board. Currently I am working as a Marketing Representative at the UI Marketing and Design office. I am excited to take the skills and knowledge I have gained from my previous and current experiences and apply them to my position on the 2015 Homecoming Council.

    I first fell in love with the essence of homecoming my first semester at Iowa. The entire community came together for an entire week. The energy was contagious. I had recently joined a sorority, as an over enthusiastic freshman I was excited to get involved. I participated in Iowa SHOUT and immediately was hooked. I knew one day I wanted to be part of the council to give this year’s participants the same experience I had my freshman year.

    My goal is to encourage all student orgs to participate in SHOUT. This is Homecoming, everyone should be represented on that stage, and represent why it’s amazing to be a Hawkeye. GO SHOUT! GO HAWKS!

  • Amy White

    Amy White


    Hi! My name is Amy White and I am one of the advisors for Homecoming Executive Council.  I have worked at the University of Iowa since 2011 in both the Residence Education department as a Hall Coordinator and more recently in the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, as the Supervising Coordinator for Student Activities and Programming, BUT I have lived the “Hawkeye Way” every day of my life, growing up a Hawkeye!  I am originally from Sgt. Bluff, Iowa and attended Wayne State College in Wayne, NE for my Bachelors and Masters degrees.  It was a pretty amazing experience to have the opportunity to work at my dream school, and here I am today, living life as a Hawkeye!  This is the second year I have been able to help advise the Homecoming Executive Council, and I am very excited to step behind the scenes and see how the Hawkeye spirit comes to life.  On Iowa, and GO HAWKS!



  • Tiffany Leschke

    Tiffany Leschke


    Hi! My name is Tiffany and I am one of the advisors for Homecoming! This will be my second year here at Iowa and I am so excited for Homecoming! I work in CSIL as the Coordinator for Student Activities and Programming where I also advise the Campus Activities Board and River Run. I currently live in Tiffin, Iowa but am originally from Elgin, Illinois. Go HAWKS!

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